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F&B consultants – Turnkey solution to hospitality industry

Our world is changing and the food service industry is changing with it. Globalization, product provenance, consumer pressure, dietary needs and the desire for more authentic experiences, makes our industry one of the most challenging and rewarding.  

Commercial expertise

In the commercial world of food service, we provide expert, world class advice to our clients on market trends and changes in consumer behavior. This has shaped and defined our sector leading advice on the development of food in retail and shopping centers, leisure parks, hotels, train / airport transit terminals, visitor attractions and cultural venues.

References & testimonials are available upon request.

We are hospitality consultants with a proven track record.

We advise and support a vast array of businesses by helping them to think way beyond their menus with different levels of hospitality consultancy given.

From new concepts, to key suppliers, we are able to help you increase your turnover and build your customers’ database consistently.

We help hospitality, catering, restaurant, cafes and ‘pop up’ business’s of all sizes with years of project & operational experience.

Key areas of our services:

Concept – creating your new food and drink idea

Feasibility Study – is there a need/desire for your new business

Market Research – in-depth study of your new concept idea

Competitive analysis – who, where, price, etc

Full business plan – a full detailed plan for your new food business

Financial analysis – layouts v costs v business aspirations/projections, cost per head, etc

Location study – Where, market, concept fit, etc? High Street or destination site?

Customers journey – Understanding their future experience

Master design – via the F&B concept – mood boards, graphics, logo, etcLegal requirements to launch your new business concept – planning, licences, etc

Design & Build – One company to deliver your project?

Staffing – all levels