How do you set up a web page?

How do you set up a web page?

The answer to this question is simple?  GOOGLE

Chances are at least one website you’ve recently visited was built by a self-taught developer. The industry is flooded with them. Tales of degreeless beginners who pull themselves up by their bootstraps to earn six figures are not uncommon among Web developers.

However, there are no magic shortcuts.

Learning Web development on your own is a commitment requiring rigorous study and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and nobody knows this better than me 🙂

The Internet is bursting with Web development learning resources, but you can’t blindly marching ahead, taste-testing anything that looks remotely edible.

Not everything bears the sweet nectar of quality education.

To save time and energy, I suggest drafting a rough learning path and list the different learning material you intend to follow. Then, and this is key, have it reviewed by a senior developer.

This will net you a curated curriculum.

Want me to take you by the hand to learn inside out of the Web Design and Development?

btw, I’ve been building more than hundred sites, some links below here for your reference, show me a sample and I will do it for you, duplicate, cloning or create a total new look.

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